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SEO Forever – Our Competitor also have Two Brains only

Don’t disappoint yourself : 

I don’t know why people have been disappointing, when their keywords are loss in search results. Google is not your friend it is an organization only. Now a days In every organization must have competition, every human being have two brains only. Our competitor is not a God. He is also human being, he don’t know magics but he is following techniques and he is doing smart work only to achieve Goals.

Smart Work will be dominated competition:

Everyone have been 24 hours only per day. But we need planing to achieve our goals and targets. As per my experience keyword ranking is not a big matter it’s a small thing with smart SEO work. Just you can follow the below steps.I am following Google Guide line what about you. ?

Relevance is my primary priority:

  • Choose relevant category
  • Write quality and unique content
  • Leave poor sites don’t post your link in irrelevant sites.
  • Update your blogs frequently with high quality relevant information.
  • Stop link exchange programs.
  • Don’t concentrate on your keywords, you can concentrate on your content.
  • Follow Google Guide line.

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    SEO forever

All the best.